The Body’s Way Wellness Center provides a warm and inviting space for your Bowenwork session.  The technique is usually performed through light clothing while you lie comfortably on a massage table, but can also be done while you are side-lying, seated, or standing.  The duration of a session may range from 15 minutes to just over an hour, depending on which procedures are used and how your body responds.  A 40-60 minute session is typical.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about what to expect during a session.

What should I wear to a Bowenwork session?

While Bowenwork is often performed through lightweight clothing, some movements are best performed directly on skin, so loose-fitting attire is best.  A sleeveless top, tank, or camisole and elastic waist shorts, such as athletic shorts or pajama shorts, are ideal.  Full coverage undergarments are also suggested.  Restrictive sports bras and slippery fabrics are not recommended.

What is the format of a Bowenwork session?

When you arrive at your appointment, we will discuss your goals, go over your intake form, and answer any questions.  You will be given privacy to change into your “Bowenwork clothes,” then lie on the table under the sheet.  The practitioner will perform a move or set of moves, then step out of the room.  After a few minutes, she will return and continue this cycle of moves, waits, moves, waits until your session is complete.

What will the movements feel like?

Most Bowenwork movements are gentle and light and might feel like a stretch and roll over your muscles.  It may not feel like much at all, but clients often say, “I can’t believe something so small can have such a big effect!”  Other movements involve a little more pressure, but we always work with your breathing and stay within your comfort level.

What should I expect to happen during the waiting periods?

At the very least, you should expect a deep sense of relaxation.  Changes in your respiration and a sense of calm are common, and you might even fall asleep.  Some clients notice waves of energy or movement, sensations of heat or cold, stomach gurgling, images, scents or memories, or other things.  Others notice very little during the waiting periods.  Everyone has a different experience, and the same person can experience different responses each session.

Why is the session fee the same regardless of the duration?

The price is the same regardless of time because we provide what is right for YOU that day.  The Bowenwork motto is “less is best,” and really, less is more.  Someone with a very compromised system might be overwhelmed with a longer session because their body can only process a little information at a time.  Healthier people may be able to process more information.  We do what is right for you.  There is incredible power in even a 5-minute session depending on the procedure.

Is Bowenwork safe?

Yes, it is safe!  Bowenwork is about inviting and allowing the body to heal, rather than imposing or forcing something to happen.  We are simply providing information, offering Bowenwork to the body to see what the body will do with it.  Many people experience deep relaxation and even fall asleep during a session, and often see improvement after just one session. 

There are very few contraindications (reasons we should not proceed) and they usually involve certain procedures.  For instance, a pregnant woman should not receive the coccyx procedure, but it is safe for her to have other Bowenwork.  Someone who has had surgery on the condyles of their jaw should not have the TMJ procedure, but it is perfectly safe for them to experience other procedures.

Are there any side effects?

There may be times in the days following a session that you may experience some discomfort as the body unwinds through old injuries and compensation patterns and resets tension levels, but rest assured it is temporary and part of the process.  Drinking plenty of water to hydrate your tissues and eliminate metabolic waste is helpful, as is following other post-session recommendations.

Can I combine other therapies like massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture with Bowenwork?

I generally recommend pausing other therapies for the initial 3-weeks of Bowenwork sessions. This allows your body the time it requires to process and integrate the work, and it helps you know that you can attribute your results to Bowenwork rather than guessing between therapies.  Clients often experience long-lasting or permanent results with Bowenwork that they were unable to achieve with other therapies.  However, if seeing other practitioners for different modalities is unavoidable even just for a few weeks, especially if it is part of doctor prescribed care, it is recommended that you space your different therapy sessions 5-7 days apart to allow your body time to process and integrate each therapy separately.

How many sessions will I need?

This answer varies per individual.  Generally speaking, 3 sessions is a good baseline to determine how your body responds.  Minor, acute conditions may only require 3 sessions.  Chronic, on-going conditions or severe injuries will likely require more.  Even when you feel that things have resolved, you might choose to do maintenance every 4-6 weeks for optimum health.  Your Bowenwork practitioner is a partner in your health and will work with you to establish an agreeable plan.

What if I am not noticing any changes or benefit after a few sessions?

This is unusual, but there are other aspects to consider.  If you do not seem to be noticing benefit, you could be doing something to “re-injure” yourself.  For instance, if you have carpal tunnel and keep typing for hours a day, it might be difficult to see improvement.  Perhaps you will need to examine your stress levels and triggers, diet, exercise routine, even your bed and pillow.  Following the post-session recommendations and doing any stretches associated with your sessions is key.  If you still do not see benefit, there could be an underlying issue that requires medical attention.

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