About Us

“When Bowenwork became part of my life, I quickly fell in love with everything about it.  The simplicity of the technique, the gentle touch required, and the facilitation of healing through the body’s own wisdom and power are all aspects that resonated with me as a bodyworker.  Feeling drawn, even called, to this technique, I spent much of 2017 and early 2018 traveling to Arkansas to take classes and become certified as a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and Associate Instructor.


Upon introducing Bowenwork to my massage therapy clients early in my training, it became apparent that many of them were experiencing better, longer lasting results with the new technique than they had with massage or other therapies.  With every Bowenwork session, I became increasingly fascinated by what the body is capable of when given the right circumstances.  It did not take long to realize that my business was headed in a new direction.  By early 2018, it was settled in my heart that Bowenwork was what I wanted to specialize in.  No longer offering massage therapy services, my business, formerly called Kneaded Renewal, needed rebranding!  The Body’s Way Wellness Center was born. 


My purpose as a practitioner and instructor is to humbly and passionately share this beautiful therapy with others, facilitating wellness and educating individuals, families, and professionals.  Instead of a “last resort,” my hope is that Bowenwork will be one of the first things people consider in order to support and activate the healing power within.”


-Heather Boyle

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, Associate Instructor, and Licensed Bodywork Therapist


The Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Germantown, WI – Class of Aug. 2012

State of WI Licensed Bodywork Therapist, License No. 11968-146 – Aug. 2012-present

Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals – 2011-present

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – Dec. 2017

Associate Instructor, American Bowen Academy – May 2018

Specialized Bowen Procedures 1 Certificate - Dec. 2018

Specialized Bowen Procedures 2 Certificate - April 2019

Professional Practitioner Certificate - 500 hours - March 2020